Joyful Movement

A Resource for Nurturing Balance, Movement and the Senses

Donna Simmons

Christopherus Homeschool Resources

Spiral bound


Donna Simmons always seems to know what I want her to write next — perhaps because she is so tuned in to what we all want for our children and what we need that is missing from available resources. Joyful Movement answers the longing for a simple, do-able approach to integrating movement (and joy!) into home and homeschool life. Even when the integrator is not a dancer, eurythmist, gymnast or even particularly graceful. Donna, in her wonderful spirit of warm practicality, takes even the least “movement trained” of us by the hands, soothes away our sense of guilt and inadequacy, and then playfully leads us into as much delight as our children experience. This is so much more than just a book about movement — this is a book about moving into life with joy, about awakening all our senses to the wonder of the world — and while we’re at it, learning to move with beauty and grace. Joyful Movement focuses primarily on the needs of children from birth to 9 and is ever aware of what an adult teaching them needs as support. Wonderful!!!!


  • Waldorf as Therapeutic Education
  • Creating a Nurturing Environment
  • Ideas and Advice – Body & Spatial Awareness; Fine Motor Skils, etc.; the Senses; Memory; Calming Down
  • A Waldorf-inspired Backyard Assault Course (that’s British for “Obstacle Course”)
  • Songs, Fingerplays, Movement, Verses
  • Tongue-Twisters, Clapping Verses (Hand Games)
  • Groups

Joyful Movement is a joyful resource for any parent or teacher wishing to embrace a joyful approach to learning.

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