Foundations of Anthroposophic Medicine

A Training Manual

Edited by Guus van der Bie and Machteld Huber



A comprehensive textbook intended for doctors who are studying anthroposophic medicine, it can also be read profitably by anyone with a thriving interest in the this approach to the healing arts.


  • “The Art and Science of Medicine,” Anton Dekkers
  • “A Philosophical Foundation of Anthroposophical Medicine,” Erik Baars
  • “Developing Dynamic Perception,” Guus van der Bie
  • “Dynamic Morphology and Embryology,” Jaap van der Wal
  • “Polarities: Projective Geometry,” Ferdie Amons
  • “Metamorphosis: Essence and Manifestation,” Guus van der Bie
  • “Observing Nature and Studying the Elements,” Guus van der Bie
  • “The Anthroposophical View of the Human Being,” Arie Bos
  • “Pathology and Therapy,” Guus van der Bie
  • “Working with the Texts of Rudolf Steiner,” Anton Dekkers
  • “The Anthroposophical Path of Inner Development,” Marion van Bree, Guus van der Bie, Machteld Huber

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