Dancing Hand — Trotting Pony

Hand Gesture Games, Songs and Movement Games for Children in Kindergarten and the Lower Grades

Wilma Ellersiek

Translated and Edited by Lyn and Kundry Willwerth

With a contribution by Ingrid Weidenfeld


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We are so very happy to be able to offer yet another joyous book of gesture games and more by Wilma Ellersiek.  As with all her other books, hand gestures meet up with words, movement and songs in ways that are so warm and delightful it’s easy to forget that this loving, warm play is also working to develop children’s cognitive capacity and enhance language development. And yet, that is just what is happen — as the hearts of both adults and children open through these beautiful, lively gestures, so too are the pathways for learning and understanding opened and enhanced.

Wilma Ellersiek passed on not too many years ago.  I think of her often and hope that she is able to look down upon us all and see her gifts for children enacted and embraced by many more than she ever dreamed would know of them. These are wonderful – for everyone. 

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