The Good Sleep Guide – Fully Revised, 3rd Edition

for You and Your Baby

Angela Henderson



After my first child was born I was astonished at how little sleep I got because she slept so fitfully. At that time the available advice on the subject ranged from “just let the baby cry” (with the “guarantee” that babies could cry for at most 45 minutes – something my baby disproved absolutely when I tried this in desperation) to “just sleep with the child, then everything will be alright” (unless you have a child who would literally nurse non-stop all night long . . . and did I mention restless?).

Anyway, it was months and months before anything that resembled a real night’s sleep came my way (or hers). Having reviewed this book and Sound Sleep, I have to say that had I known these techniques, and had I had these balanced voices in my life, we would have been sleeping soundly much earlier.

This book has been available throughout Europe for quite a while – in fact our grandson benefited from it a few years ago. It’s a gem and covers everything from the techniques that sooth babies into a sound sleep to diet considerations to room temperature – and at each turn there is an assessment you can apply to discover if your baby is really having trouble sleeping or if you are (both) merely going through a normal period of intermittent sleep.

A wonderful, welcome contribution to the good health of babies and the good rest of mothers!

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