Nature Spirits

Selected Lectures by Rudolf Steiner



Long ago human beings had an natural spiritual vision that allowed them to easily commune with the spiritual beings of the natural world. Over time, people became less able to see and know these beings, and fairies, gnomes, dwarfs and other “little folk” became the stuff of legends, myths, and children’s stories. Rudolf Steiner was among the first of our modern age to insist that these folk tales and fairy stories were in fact based on reality – spiritual reality. He further asserted that we must now transform the old, instinctive knowledge of these beings into a clear scientific knowledge – and that by doing so we can restore and rebuild the shaky bridge that lies between humankind and the spiritual world.

These lectures are filled with fascinating descriptions about the the many spiritual helpers of the natural world. They also serve beautifully to characterize the relationship of human beings to this world and offer ways in which we as individuals can once again befriend the “wee folk” who carry with them the health of the Earth.

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