Raising the Soul

Practical Exercises for Personal Development

Warren Lee Cohen



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Raising the Soul is a warm and engaging guide to 7 basic exercises (6 of which resemble closely the 6 Basic Exercises as described by Rudolf Steiner) developed over centuries and in many different cultures for the purpose of training ourselves toward moral equanimity, purposeful action and love.  William Cohen's explanations very clearly come from personal experience and a warm interest in helping others.  As such, reading Raising the Soul is like inviting a good friend into your home and having that friend prove to be very wise and very generous in sharing that wisdom.  It is truly a beautiful book without being in the least bit sentimental, and I think that anyone who is interested in self-development will find it becomes a lifelong companion.  I can't recommend it highly enough and am very grateful that William Lee Cohen wrote it.

The book is organized so that each chapter introduces a different soul capacity that can be developed in turn.  The headings include:

  • Review of the Day
  • Clear Thinking
  • Intention in Action
  • Balance in Feeling
  • Positive World View
  • Open Mind
  • Gratitude

In addition to Cohen's clear descriptions of the exercises, there are also chapters that answer many general questions"

  • Along the Way: Obstacles and Progress
  • Harmonizing Intentions
  • What Is the Soul?

The appendices offers a plan of action for integrating meditative activity into your life.

The Little Series: Seeking the Spirit

Study Material for One's Inner Way

Compiled by Helmut von Kügelgen

From the works of Rudolf Steiner and others



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The Little Series is filled with potent "seed-books," books whose contents are such that the reading of them places drops of wisdom and love into the human heart.  These drops are then shared through our lives with others who may know nothing of them, yet be fed by them nonetheless.

Such a book is Seeking the Spirit, a compilation of meditations and exercises from Rudolf Steiner that is accompanied by readings and thoughts from the great spiritual works of the world.  It is beautiful and glowing with love, a source of strength between two covers.

The Lord's Prayer

An Esoteric Study

Four Lectures by Rudolf Steiner

Introduction by Judith von Halle



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The Lord’s Prayer is at the very heart of Christianity. Over the past two millennia, it has been recited many millions of times by millions of people around the world. Here, Steiner affirms the power of the prayer given by Jesus Christ, encouraging us to understand its most profound meanings. Such understanding, he tells us, has become necessary for humanity’s continued development.

In these four lectures, Rudolf Steiner penetrates the esoteric significance of the Lord’s Prayer by relating the seven petitions in the prayer to the seven spiritual and physical human bodies. He also discusses the difference between prayer and meditation and shows how real prayer is truly selfless.

This volume features an introduction by Judith von Halle, whose work is valued for her experiential knowledge of the Lord’s Prayer and the events of Christ’s life.

Sanctuaries of Childhood

Nurturing a Child's Spiritual Life

Shea Darian



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St. Paul enjoined his communities to "pray unceasingly". I have come to conclude that he didn't mean to train ourselves to repeat prayers 24/7 -- rather, I believe he meant to turn everything we do into a prayer, into a way to make manifest Love on the earth, into a way to connect ourselves to that which is Divine while remaining connected to that which is of the Earth, into a gift from Heaven to Earth and Earth to Heaven.

Shea Darian's Sanctuaries of Childhood shows us how to do just that - create a life for our children and ourselves that honors the spirit as it heals the soul and nourishes the body. More, she has done it deeply and truly, but has done it in a way that will unite parents rather than divide them, and can be practiced by families of all faiths, including mixed-faith families.

This is the best, most open, most beautiful and most healing approach to this crying need of our society which I have seen. May it find its way into every heart and home who seeks what it offers.

We live in a society that makes it ever more difficult for children to find access to these sanctuaries on a daily basis. More consistently, entrance to such sacred spaces is being barred by the obstacles of busy schedules, our overuse of television and electronic media, and a lack of understanding for a child's genuine spiritual needs. Parents and caregivers can help to unbolt the doors of these sanctuaries, and make it possible for children to experience divine comfort and inspiration

As we make room in our lives for children to share with us the sacred qualities of childhood, no doubt young and old will find that within the sanctuaries of childhood, we serve one another as rabbis, ministers, and spiritual teachers. So let us open wide the doors. Let us remember what it is to be a child . . .

- the author, from the book.

Prayers for Parents and Children

Rudolf Steiner


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Here is a lovely collection of verses and prayers by Rudolf Steiner for parents to say for their children and for children of different ages to say for themselves. There are verses for all occasions as well as prayers for morning and evening and graces to be spoken at the table. The context for the prayers is provided by Rudolf Steiner's lecture at the end of the book, which gives an insight into the larger cosmic relationships in which the individual is involved before birth, during life, and after death. A true classic.

Meditative Prayers for Today

Adam Bittleston



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This little book has found its way onto more night stands than any other of its kind. Whether you use them as a starting point for your meditations or as earnest petitions for guidance, these prayers have the remarkable quality of unveiling their deeper meaning in the very act of using them. The cycle of prayer throughout the year is particularly useful for coming to an understanding of the inner reality of seasonal change. This is a small treasure of inexhaustible value.

In the Light of the Child

A Journey Through the 52 Weeks of the Year in Both Hemispheres - For Children and the Child in Each Human Being

Michael Hedley Burton


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Michael Burton has created something very special for our children (and for us, as well). Taking Rudolf Steiner's Calendar of the Soul as his inspiration, he has crafted 52 verses to carry children throughout the year. Each verse touches on the feeling qualities of its particular place within the seasons of our Earth and in clear and loving language helps anyone forge a firmer connection to the natural world. At the same time, these verses also reflect the various qualities of Divine Love, as it manifests within each season. This uniting of heaven and earth within the seasonal round is poignantly beautiful - and very highly recommend for the child in all of us.

The Kabbalah of Prayer

Sacred Sounds and the Soul's Journey

Shulamit Elson


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In this remarkable, groundbreaking book, Shulamit Elson writes with eloquence and authority about our soul’s journey, our place in the universe, and our relationship to God through prayer. In beautiful and simple words, she shares the ancient teachings and the sacred sounds of the Kabbalah in ways capable of reconnecting us with the Eternal and changing our lives forever.

We learn of her journey from the closed world of an Orthodox Jewish family, on a voyage of discovery that took her into a secular life of poetry and travel throughout Europe. Then, faced with personal difficulties and waking visions, she began a path of meditation. Gifts of healing and prophecy followed. Eventually she met her Maggid, the traditional Kabbalistic “answering angel,” with whose help she developed a series of meditative “Sound Prayers” using sacred sounds made with the voice.

Elson explains the theological, cosmological, and esoteric foundations upon which “Sound Prayer” is based. We are introduced to the ancient wisdom of the Kabbalah, the “Tree of Life,” and the structure of the soul in its relationship with God. We learn the true nature of prayer, how it relates to Tikkun Olam (“Repair of the World”), and how “Sound Prayer” relates to different angelic levels of being and truth.

This is a practical book that gives individual exercises as well as offering help on meeting specific challenges, including spiritual struggles, feelings of meaninglessness, and harsh self-judgment, as well as illness, fear, and anxiety.