School Architecture

Comments on the Building of a Waldorf School

Felix Durach

Staple bound booklet


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An excellent discussion of how architecture can help support the goals of Waldorf education

A Child's Garden

60 Ideas to Make Any Garden Come Alive for Children

Molly Dannenmaier



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It's clear that Molly Dannenmaier loves children and gardening with all her heart -- and has shared those loves with us in A Child's Garden, a heart-stoppingly beautiful, wonderful book.

I should be clear that this is not a book about gardening with children, but rather a banquet of ideas for creating gardens that invite children into the wonder and beauty of nature. Between its covers, she presents us with ideas for gardens large enough to encompass areas of parks and schools all the way down to postage stamp gardens and wee corners made to delight a child.

Among the hundreds of photos beckoning you into the realm of garden design are articles that invite us adults into the world as seen from the eyes of a child. In fact, her essays on the history of children's gardens and the nature of play could easily grace books on Waldorf education, so to-the-heart-of-the-matter are they.

Whether you are considering your window box, your back yard, or the landscape design for a school or community play area, A Child's Garden will breathe life, inspiration and lots and lots of warmth into your gardening and into children's lives. Simply wonderful!